Balloon Flight D-1, 23th October 2013


This is my first German Test Floater. Unfortunately it has an error on it's PCB and is drawing 23mA in sleeping mode. Additionally GPS receiption is not that good. To avoid position hops, it's cross checking GPS altitude with the pressure altitude. At least if it does not get a valid fix, the invalid fix will be transmitted.

The balloon caught moisture due to clouds and went down in Russia southeast of St. Petersburg.

Payload: Pecan Pico 4 ... Software
Payload weight: 23.14g
Balloon lift: 26.6g
Total lift: 3.46g

Frequency: 145.300 Mhz USB, vertical polarized
Mode: RTTY 50/425 7N2
Power: 10 mW

Transmission Cycle (3-6 min):
Balloon: Foil Balloon - Qualatex 36"
Gas: Helium

Battery: Varta Lithium AA

Launch time: 23th October 2013 - 2142Z