Balloon Flight D-2, 28th October 2013


This is my first test to use the Jetstream extensive. For this flight the software has been modified due to GPS hops and the antenna has been shortened at the ground wire to save weight.

In the storm the balloon reached a top speed about 175 kph. The balloon was hammered down by rain near by Kirov, Russia. A few days after landing there appeared a newspaper article:

Payload: Pecan Pico 4 ... Software
Payload weight: 21.2g
Balloon lift: 25.46g
Total lift: 4.26g

Frequency: 145.300 Mhz USB, vertical polarized
Mode: RTTY 50/425 7N2
Power: 10 mW

Transmission Cycle (3-6 min):
Balloon: Foil Balloon - Qualatex 36"
Gas: Helium

Battery: Varta Lithium AA

Launch time: 28th October 2013 - 2132Z
Last know position: 29th October 2013 - 1508Z
Distance traveled: 2,318.3 km


Photos/ Videos

Image 1: Payload weight differs because zippers are not included in the image.