Balloon Flight D-3, 24th May 2014


Balloon D-3 was just a simple latex balloon launch. It wasn't supposed to be a floater but it has been my first test to try SSDV. The main payload had a Raspberry PI with an original Raspberry PI camera. The whole package were powered by 4 Lithium Batteries which could run it for almost 6 hours. All in all I wouldn't take a Raspberry PI anymore due to massive current draw (~450mA @ 3.3V).

The Second payload included a GroPro action camera which recorded a Full HD video and a GSM tracker as tracking redundancy.

Due to the International Flight Exhibition at Berlin Schönefeld Airport we were supposed to move to Niedergörsdorf, Germany. The balloon has been filled with Helium too much, so it already burst at about 19 km.

Payload 1

Payload: Raspberry PI + Camera, NTX2b, uBlox MAX7-C
Battery: Varta Lithium AA (4x)

Payload weight: ~250g
Frequency: 434.150 Mhz USB, vertical polarized
Mode: RTTY 600/880 8N2 SSDV + Position
Power: 10 mW

Payload 2

Payload: GoPro + GSM Tracker
Payload weight: ~500g

Balloon: Hwoyee - 1000g
Gas: Helium

Launch time: 24th May 2014 - 1409Z
Launch pad: Niedersgörsdorf, Germany


SSDV transmitted Images