Balloon Flight D-4, 02nd June 2014


This is my first self-made PCB doing APRS. It has the nearly the same components as KT5TK's tracker Pecan Pico but it's smaller than his. Due to an error this PCB can't measure the batteries voltage correctly. The PCB is able to do RTTY as well but I was unsure the coverage in Germany would be enough to track the balloon permanently. The balloon was launched in the afternoon. Through the night the balloon couldn't break through the clouds and was bouncing up and down until the next day when it passed the clouds and reached nearly 7000m.

The battery finally went empty on the next day after almost 24 hours over Erfurt, Germany.

Payload: Pecan Femto 1 rev 3 ... Software
Payload weight: 22.3g
Balloon lift: 2.0g
Total lift: 24.3g

Frequency: 144.800 Mhz FM, vertical polarized
Mode: APRS
Power: 100 mW

Transmission Cycle (2 min)
Balloon: Foil Balloon - Qualatex 36"
Gas: Helium

Battery: Varta Lithium AA

Launch time: 02nd June 2014 - 1541Z